Steward Board

Preacher Steward: Brother Bernard Elmore


The Stewards Board consists of individuals whose sole responsibility is to take care of the Pastor in charge.

1. To make sure that the Pastor is able to travel at the request of the bishops and or Presiding Elder;

2. To provide for the Temporal Care of the Pastor, if needed: namely, food, clothing, transportation, robes and any other items needed to pastor the Church and minister to the community-at-large;

3. To meet with the Pastor to ascertain the needs of the Pastor and family;

4. To meet the means of Grace and Financial responsibility to the Church by being in worship every session and not less than two a month;

5. To maintain the Spiritual up-lift of the Church as a whole; thus it is imperative that they live and conduct their lives in the community without blemish.

6. Finally, they are responsible for collecting members giving’s and providing a record of all funds collected


The Stewards Board is lead by a Preacher’s Steward who is appointed by the pastor and confirmed in the members meeting. Everyone on this board is appointed yearly and confirmed by the Member’s and Quarterly Conference.  

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